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K&K Sound - Quantum Blender
  • K&K Sound - Quantum Blender
  • K&K Sound - Quantum Blender
  • K&K Sound - Quantum Blender

K&K Sound - Quantum Blender

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Two channel High End  Mixer Preamp specially designed for the Trinity System, two fully independent channels, low noise circuitry.

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The Quantum Blender is a two-channel preamp/mixer but this unit goes one step further.
Two fully independent channels feature special tailored powerful 3-band EQ, phase reverse switches, gain and volume controls.
Mixed output options in both active-balanced and 1/4" line-level format, individual outputs, stereo and mono inputs, and effect loop. Channel one is switchable from mic to Pickup impedance.
All this, plus K&K's ultra low noise circuitry.
The Quantum Blender allows for mixing a piezo transducer with a microphone, magnetic Pickup or another piezo Pickup. It can be used with any "2 wire" powered lavalier type condenser mic or with a piezo or magnetic Pickup.
With an appropriate microphone impedance matching transformer a dynamic mic can be used as well.
Channel 2 is designed with K&K's Trinity System or Pure Pickup in mind, but it works well with all types of piezo transducers.

Gain: The 2 gain controls allow for adjusting the input sensitivity of each channel.
Here you can set the sensitivity of each channel to fit different Pickups, microphones or transducers.

: Stereo 1/4" line input · 2 individual mono 1/4" line inputs

Outputs: Balanced XLR Mix out (carries both channels) · Line level 1/4" Mix out (carries both channels) Individual 1/4" line outputs of channel 1 and 2

Effect Loop: The effect loop allows for connecting to an effect unit (like reverb) via a special 1/4" stereo cable with a stereo plug on one side and 2 mono 1/4 plugs on the other.

Technical Data
EQ Frequencies
Channel 1:
- Bass : 100 Hz (high pass filter) +/- 18 dB
- Midrange : 1500 Hz (band pass filter) +/- 12dB
- Treble : 8000 Hz (low pass filter) +/- 18 dB
EQ Frequencies
Channel 2:
- Bass : 100 Hz (high pass filter) +/- 15 dB
- Midrange : 1500 Hz (band pass filter) +/- 18dB
- Treble : 10 000 Hz (low pass filter) +/- 15 dB
Frequency Response:
- Channel 1: 10Hz to 35KHz.
- Channel 2: 10Hz to 35KHz.
Distortion: Less than 0.005% @ 1KHz
Signal to noise ratio: - 85dB - A weighted, referred to nominal - 20dBV input
Input Impedance:
- Channel 1
Pickup: 1 Meg Ohms.
mic: 3 Kilo Ohms.
- Channel 2 transducer: 1 Meg Ohms.
Mic Power: 9volt DC max
Power source: 12 volt DC - 700 milli amp minimum- automatic polarizing

What else?

Here you will find reviews and customer reviews directly on the manufacturers website. On request we can also provide a test of the "Akustik Gitarre" in German.

Click here to be a great help / FAQ file open (in English) about the K&K products.

Under the "Download" tab you will find the installation instructions in English.
We gladly provide you with a German installation instructions according to EU standard available.

Listen to sound samples on the manufacturer's website at.

On YouTube you can find more sound samples, and installation instructions .

K&K Pickups are RoHS compliant. Piezoceramic is officially excluded.In the manufacture of ceramics, lead is used as it unfortunately currently there is no functional substitute. The lead is incorporated in the ceramic, and is sealed on both sides by a silver electrode. The ceramics is mounted on a solid brass plate. From above it is provided with a plastic seal, so that the lead is so hermetically sealed completely and makes contact with the skin makes it impossible. Damage to the Pickup, because you could come in contact with lead. We are WEEE conform and wear exclusively for K&K products throughout Europe, the responsibility of WEEE.


Data sheet

Pickup type:
Pure + Microphone
Power supply:
AC adapter
Volume control:
vorhanden, extern
included, external
Phase switch:
not available
diverse, siehe Beschreibung
Anschluss an einen Akustikgitarrenverstärker, Mischpult, Vorverstärker oder DI-Box.
diverse Kombinationen aus Ein- und Ausgängen